Top 5 Questions I’m Asked About Online Counseling

#1  How Long is this Going to Take?

I am what is called a “brief therapist” which means that I am not interested in making a life long commitment with you.  I am interested in teaching you the skills you need to thrive so that my job becomes obsolete. No person or couple is identical, but I often complete our work together in 10-15 sessions.

#2  How Often Do We Meet?

I like to meet with couples every other week.  It gives you plenty of time to work on learning objectives between sessions and is more cost effective. For individuals, I will often meet weekly for the first couple of weeks and move into every other week. Counseling session rates are $90.00/50 min.

#3  What’s Online Counseling Like?

People LOVE the online counseling option.  You get to relax in the comfort of your own home, pet your dog, and I get to sit with my slippers on in my home office.   Online counseling frees you from the stress of childcare, traffic, time management, and parking.

#4  What Kind of Counselor Are You?

I am genuine and supportive in nature. I am also direct in pursuit of progressive change. I use targeted strategies for developing each counseling session’s goals which define the motivation to pursue personal healing and growth.

#5  What Does Counseling Progression Look Like?

When we work together, I cultivate the development of relational skills on a strategic path. Like a good english paper, our work has a distinct beginning, middle and end.

Couples: I am primarily interested in cultivating the relationship between you and your partner, so you can expect to talk to your partner while I provide the tools to “guide” your session. My goal in each session is to teach a relational tool and provide learning objectives to practice between sessions.

Individuals: I work to help address betrayal trauma with supportive questions and identify a path forward in healing beyond betrayal using cognitive behavioral and trauma processing techniques.

We begin with an intake session that is anywhere from 70-90 minutes where I will develop an understanding of you and your relationship. In the third session, we begin the work of skill building. It is rewarding work and takes everyone invested in the process to be effective.